Goodbye My Friend

You were my first pet dog,
You were my first friend when I got back to Jakarta,
And today,
You became my first friend to have left me…

Compassion, Skepticism [and Hypnotism]

~~~~~~~~ As I was heading down the escalator after gym, a thin man and his young son approached me. With shame and fear, his voice stutters as he tried to talk to me. I wanted to keep moving, keep walking away from this suspicious man. But I could not. And so I stopped and listened […]
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The Big WHY – Fitness

I have always been the bigger child in my class. And I definitely never excelled in anything physical. I would rather stay at home, on my video games. So why is this fat, lazy kid contemplating on getting fit now?

YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG [PC]

A buyer’s remorse. My first for 2019. There goes my new year’s resolution to regret less. The trailer – even with the usual RPG trope- made the story seemed cool. Of course, I have only been playing for 15 hours, and therefore, I could not judge how well the story is. However, – after those 15 hours, I could no longer push through to end the game. Why? Alex and Gameplay.

Daegu 대구 – Hogsmeade Cafe 호그스미드

My sole reason of going to Daegu was mainly to go to Hogsmeade Cafe – a themed cafe based off – you guessed it – Harry Potter. [Hogsmeade is the name of an only all-wizarding village.] And so far, it is the only Harry Potter themed cafe to be established in South Korea. And potterheads in South Korea are raving all about the cafe on their blogs!

Tales of HongYuan [PC]

Tales of Hongyuan is an indie – classic RPG by a Chinese studio – Hongyuan Game. It was first developed in Chinese with an English translation made later. The story delve into a typical Chinese kungfu-esque war novel.

RonRoen – “런런”

– A short history of a nickname I picked.
Hello, I am the “Bromidic Introvert”. Why do I call myself “RonRoen” instead of my real name?