• Turned-based JRPG are his faves
  • Fan of the Sentai franchise
  • Wants to be the Pokemon Master
  • Digimon > Pokemon though
  • Collecting mons is also another faves
  • A Crippling Introvert

Ronald is your everyday 9-5 journaling his interests on the net. He thinks people are interested in his words, but will put it out there anyway. His topics of interest are RPG gaming, Japanese concepts and philosophy, true crime, a bit of fitness and slough off his many (and at times) overwhelming sentimental.

Gaming has always been his choice of escape throughout his life. He fell into the Japanese RPG when his brother introduced him to the Suikoden series. Suikoden 2 is his absolute favorite – even to this day. And during his days at his homestay in Singapore, his housemates further introduced to even more RPGs during the PS2 era. He decided that he wants to log his exploits through the many worlds of the genre.

Not of the Buddhism faith – he finds the philosophies of Japan, especially the Budo helps to direct his life better. The samurai code have a particular hold on this interest often visualizing his way as the way of an honorable Samurai. And so, he often read books on these concepts. He also reads other books of other topics.

Yes – everyone loves to watch true crime documentaries. He have always been drawn to this particular topic. It is not about the crime but the reason and how a person’s mind goes into that dark state. So much so, he intended to major on Criminal Psychology for University. Of course, his traditional Asian father successfully dissuaded him from it and being a weak boy, he took a double major on Management and Marketing. However, his interest never completely disappeared and so listening and watching true crime managed to relieve this itch.

Never a fitness individual – he decided to embark on this journey after a very, very bad blood test result. He has just started his fitness journey at the same time as this blog goes live. He hopes that logging and reflecting where many people would be the audience would be keep him accountable.

This is pretty much a personal blog.