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Challenge #1 – Evaluation

9 Aug 2017
Ronald Roen

  • Get to a Healthy Weight

Overweight at 96kg, healthy weight for 174cm is 78kg. THAT is the target.

Action Plan:

  • Get to a Healthy Weight
    • Meet daily step goals of 10,000 (bought a garmin tracker just for this)
    • Workout at least 4x a week
    • Develop a Hydration Habit – 3litres a day.


Getting to 78kg was not possible for a month. But 78kg is my long-term goal. In the span of the challenge(a month) I have only managed to lose 2kg. People have told me the healthy weight loss is 1kg a week – to lose 4kg was my intended goal in mind. Therefore, I have only achieved 50% of what I have intended to do.

Daily steps were changed and yet, I still struggled to meet them for majority of the month. Working out 4x a week was met for 3 weeks, which is not bad. For the week I have failed to do so was because I suffered headache and bad sleep for 2 days, and missed a workout. Hydration habit was not satisfactory. I have noticed that I tend to forget to drink whenever I am too focused on what I am doing, I should place a bottle of water within my field of view wherever I am working.

  • Confidence Boost

Low confidence has made me the poster boy for bullying target, though I am fortunate enough that it did not happen to me. (I had great classmates.) And also, I want to feel what vanity feels like. That rush when someone tells you that you look good. Or that liberating feeling of stripping your shirt off just because you feel like it. (of course, within permissible boundaries)

Action Plan:

  • Stop Picking on Skin. I have bad eczema. And made worst because I pick my skin when idle, scared, stressed, etc
  • Cold Shower. Heard it is good for eczema.
  • Lotion up after shower. Didn’t do it because I thought it was a girly thing to do (is it though?). But I guess I have to now. I’m so dry.


That rush…did not happen. Onwards I go to feed my hidden vanity!

I have noticed I don’t pick as much now. I still do…not as much or to the point where I am bleeding. Cold shower…is still cold. Lotion-ing up did not form into a habit, I will continue to do so whenever I remember.

  • Handle Life with Gout

26. Gout-sufferer. Doesn’t ring nice, does it? I understand (after countless doctors telling me that) – it is a lifelong disease. I want to learn to handle it – so the least I could do is handle it well-enough, that it doesn’t become a lifelong bother on my mind. I heard some patients that handled it good, only relapses once a year, even once every 2 years. My goal is that.

Action Plan:

  • Study on Gout.
  • Uric Acid Blood test (or blood test in general) every 4 months.
  • Develop and cook gout diet plan
  • Keep a Gout/Pain Journal


I feel that I have dedicated a lot of my free time studying on gout. (lol, maybe I should go get a medical license because I have yet to find Doctors here that are satisfactory on gout knowledge). Did not do a blood test as this challenge did not coincide with the blood test schedule. I have created a diet plan, and has been sticking to it for a week. A journal was also created to document any discomfort, I will bring it on my test follow-up checks with my doctor to show him that I have done all I could and know.

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