Final Fantasy Tactics: War of The Lions [PSP]

I have no wish to change the world. But nor can I stand by while men suffer and die on the whim of some select few. Do you truly believe you can change the world? Not even I am so naive as that.

– Ramza


Fantastic. Tragic, yet fabulously so. In fact, I would love to see a series, anime or live action, based on this story. The cutscenes were like watching scenes of a theatrical performance. The story is a fabulous mix of fantasy and classic literature.

When the Zodiac Stones came into play, I thought that the game is going back to the fantasy of “saving the world from evil demons” formula. However, as it goes, Ramza was not in the fight to save the world. He just wanted to save his sister – to save the only family he had left. To stay true to his conviction, where he sought to ease the suffering caused by selfish royalty. Delita, however, threw his convictions and decided that in order to get the world he wanted – his hands must get dirty.

The ending did caught me off guard. True to classic plays, the ending has got to be beautifully tragic. Ivalice did not change, the church still exists. Ramza – a hero yet branded as heretic. Orran – burnt at the stake for fighting the truth. Olivia and Delita – tragic lovers, murdered at the hands of each other because one was suspicious, the other, became a hero with dirtied hands – so dirty that his hope and love was clouded to the eyes of his love.

The Game

Finally, I have gotten to playing this game. I have always wanted to try the game but it was too hard for me back then. Too much for child brain. I remember giving the game a go only to have given up by the end of chapter 1. Back then, I had a tough time keeping my party alive, as the game involves permanent deaths. I hatedthat. Having trained a character and to lose it all over a silly decision.

Now that my ‘gaming brain’ has grown, I gave this game another go. And it has satisfied the things I would want from a strategical RPG – the need to actually use tactics. At least for those few battles in chapter 2 and 3.

Once Orlandeau comes (who I avoided using), the game becomes broken to the player’s favor. His sword and swords of another (if given to the hands of a Ninja) essentially broke the game. In the final battle, I could drain the MP of the final boss in an attack, rendering the bosses useless. And the boss would prioritize dispelling than punching my toons, making the final battle a joke. [However, I did lose Balthier because he was dead stuck in a place where my revives could not touch him – this was stupidity on my part.]

If I had imposed a limitation on myself, the final battle would have been much more challenging. And it would have been more satisfying to end the game that way.

Ronald of Ivalice

In any game that allows the players to create a character, I would always create a character of my name, as a party member – a silent character, thrust into the story of that world.

He would have been a Samurai, however, Iaido depends on magic attack more. Forcing him to use the Samurai class would not be useful, at all. And so I designed him to be a summoner that draws out spells from katanas.

In this world, Ronald is a summoner who beckons the warrior spirit that is within katanas.

The Final Battle

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