Commencement Date:05 AUGUST 2021
Conclusion Date:01 OCTOBER 2021

Mission Foreword

Recently, I have started to suffer from ‘Nocturia’. This has affected my sleep adversely. My skin have also became extremely dry – I have always have dry skin since childhood however, it has worsen. It might be due to Nocturia as I may have trouble keeping water in.

Even though I have actively try to lose weight – seeing the scale, sometimes I wonder why – this time – the weight just kept going down. It was not this easy the last time I tried. Worried – I sought out the internet (a bad move – always go to your doctor…but we are in a pandemic and a hospital is the last place I want to be at) – and it all seem to point out to pre-diabetes or diabetes type 2.

And through further internet scouring, I came upon a book by Dr. Jason Fung – The Diabetes Code. This was perfect as I have yet to see an actual doctor and the advice put forth by the book was that diabetes can be reversed through intermittent fasting, good diet and exercise. And so, I have embarked on this mission – and maybe my conditions will be much better after.

I do not know if I am actually diabetic, but what bad can a better lifestyle do. At the end of the day, I will just come through with a better knowledge to living better.


16h Fast Between Weekdays
20h Fast Friday – Saturday
(84h / week)
Workout at least 40m/day 4x/week
(280m / week)
Days without unneeded sugar intake
Blood Test Result


05 AUG 2021

Wrote Mission Entry
Mission Commence!

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