Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth started with the usual anime archetypal – which slowly turn into something deep. Of course, the story was hugely supported by the Persona-vibe, from the music and character design. It is the more mature (MnMs – Mons ‘N Melons) and involves deeper stories compared to the more childlike Pokemon.

The story started out light – and as the characters go through their journey. It gets deep….but took to long into the game for the story to pick up. The first 10 chapters had the player do odd, unrelated quests from the detective office, going back and forth to the same dungeons and then a very short main story at the end. And ‘Boof’, the story suddenly picks up at the last 5 chapters of the game. In other words – pacing was not great.

The Digimon series has always been experimenting with gameplays – from dungeon crawling, turn-based RPGS, fighting games and their trademark monster raising gameplay. This game is one of their turn-based RPGs – and the best attempt.

Less repetitive than their predecessor and still repetitive – the encounters are lengthy. It was like watching FFX overdrive played at every turn. Of course we can choose to have the short animation through the options which was godsend. However, we do not have that option to skip cutscenes.

Speaking of being repetitive – the dungeons are too very repetitive. The game have you go back to the same dungeons over and over again – or a dungeon that looks and plays the same.

The game also requires a lot of idle time. I spent playing (or not playing) by having the game run at the background (thank God I got the PC version) to have my mons get the optimal stats through farm training. And by ‘require’ meant that we have to do it. It is not optional…for hard mode.


I recommend playing the game on hard mode, becase normal mode involves a 2 hit win on bosses. No challenge whatsoever. BUT!

Hard Mode – Wow, it was hard. Get OHKO in a random encounter. I cried in frustration during Dynasmon’s battle. Spent hours idling, waiting for my Mons to finish training to get best stats possible. And still getting creamed by Dynasmon. And no – he is not the final boss battle. The final boss was suprisingly easy on hard mode though.

Final Words

Seeing past the repetitiveness (which is unsurprising from a Digimon game) this game is by far – the coolest, hardest and satisfying Digimon game in years!

Definitely the Digimon RPG I have been waiting for.

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