Upon arrival – I was not feeling well. As I moved through the covid testing booths, I hoped and hoped that there would be no problem. I had a scene in my head where men in hazmat suits escorting me away. Thankfully, it went well. I was super parched though. Went crazy over the water fountain at baggage claim.

Arriving close to midnight, and yet my cousin was there to meet us at the hotel lobby. Though, all I wanted was to lay down and hope that everything will be fine and dandy the next morning. After standing around in the lobby waiting for our rooms – which felt like an eternity – I told my family to leave me as soon as I get to my room. They went out looking for something to eat but dinner was the last thing on my mind. And also, I figured they would not be able to find any diner open anyway. They left and I slept – without changing or showering – covid-contaminated clothes be damned.

The night was grueling. I woke up choking on my own blood as my nose bled. Jammed tissue up my nose and slept again. At the scene, I was worried I would be called up to be quarantined the next morning.

Thankfully, I woke up feeling way better. Skipped breakfast as I woke up late and also worried that the test result from the airport would show that I might be covid-positive. Had to do an antigen test again. Thank god – both results were negative. And so I prepared for my journey.

As I exit my room – I noticed that the corridors reeked cigarette. Usually I am very sensitive for cigarette smell. I must be very out of it last night. Our first stop for the day is of course the Sha Tin station to get to where we are going.

Sha Tin station is housed under the New Town Plaza. And atop of New Town Plaza, there is the「Snoopy’s World」. We were not planning to enter as it looked like an unassuming location. But there were kids entering and exiting – and we have kids in our group. In we go then.

It is a bit unimpressive for me. Maybe because I am not a Peanut fan. The kids are too young to know who Snoopy is – they did not seem excited at all in there. We pretty much just stand around the Community Hall taking pictures with the mascot statues as it was the closest to the rest area.

After some 20 minutes, we left the vicinity.

Onwards to the train station and off we go to「Mong Kok」.

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