The 75 Hard Challenge is created by Andy Frisella – who introduced the concept of a ‘Mental Toughness’ Challenge through his podcast.

The Rules are:

– 2 Workouts 45 minutes each (1 to be spent outside)
– Take Progress Picture Daily
– 10 Pages of Reading Daily
– Drink 3.5l of Water Daily
– Follow a Diet
– No Cheat Meals and Alcohol


A recent health scare made me realize that I needed to do something. And that something came as I was sitting on my ass scrolling on IG – not doing anything about it. It was this challenge.

Sure. This is a ‘challenge’ program. But as I read what it is all about – I realized that it was more of a ‘To-Do’ list that can help guide me. A guide that can help me create the habits I needed to develop.


If any of you googled this challenge – many reviews from established websites would categorize it as – ‘dangerous’. Besides questioning the creator’s expertise or lack thereof – 2 points were questioned –

1) the danger and time constraints of the two 45 minutes workout rule

2) the diet rules

Sure, this sounds threatening nut if you actually read the actual guideline. These ‘dangers’ are pretty much dependent on you – the challenger and what you make of them.

#rule1 – 2x45m WORKOUT

“Exercising for 90 minutes a day, with 45 minutes spent outside regardless of the temp, is not safe for everyone. The workout plan is so nonspecific that you’re at great risk for injury. Oh, and it’s also not sustainable.” says Matheny.

Time is what I have a lot of right now. Most of the time I have so much of it, I have no idea what to do with it. Fitting in two 45 minutes in a day is such a small sacrifice I would have to make – it is better spent getting my ass up anyways.

As being non-specific – Andy is not a trainer. It is up to us to choose a plan that we are comfortable to do.

Making this challenge a sustainable to-do list is not my goal. I just wanted a guideline to make myself a habit that I can sustain. It is the lesson and experience after.


I am shy – you may or may not see them here. But if you do meet me – please be gentle.





The doctor have already told me so to drink more water . dearest mommy too have pointed out that I do not drink enough. BOTTOMS UP!


“Diets that severely restrict food often result in the creation of a negative relationship between individuals and how they nourish themselves,” says Ali

Again – Andy did not specify a particular diet for us to go on. It is again up to us which diet to follow. It is up to us what works or not and where to draw the line.

No Cheat Meals and Alcohol

Sure – this is tough…no cheat meals. But yeah, making my outings work is yet another step to making a sustainable habit. No alcohol is easy – I am not a drinker. Only socially, and ‘socially drinking required events’ are rare for me.


As I have said at the beginning – I am taking upon this challenge as a means to help me create a guideline for a sustainable habit. I will take the experience and see what works and not for myself in the future.

Hopefully, I can show you guys the result in 75 days. Maybe it won’t even end – and when I do give up, I will take what I learned and make something that works for me.

Why am I posting it here?

– For accountability.

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