I have a sickness – a mindset sickness.

‘All or Nothing’ (AON) – a mindset that I have just realized I have been implementing in everything I do. Either I can do it well or I do not do it at all. This has resulted in many unfinished projects. my ‘neverending fat phase’ and this blog. Oh, and some say it also affects my loveless life.

This blog has been revived over and over again. I would remove all old posts and start anew. I could not have just left my old content and picked up where I left off. My AON mindset had me reviving this blog from a blank slate. Numerous times.

I hope this will be the last time this blog be revived like this. Let this post be a reminder for me when I contemplate purging posts for revival. And maybe, this can be a reminder too for the lesson I learned – for every area of my life. That everything does not have to be perfect to be worth doing and to ride out the journey and see where it will lead me to.

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