Commencement Date:19 July 2021
Conclusion Date:01 October 2021

Mission Foreword

Recently, I have started to suffer from ‘Nocturia’. This has affected my sleep adversely. My skin have also became extremely dry – I have always have dry skin since childhood however, it has worsen. It might be due to Nocturia as I may have trouble keeping water in.

Even though I have actively try to lose weight – seeing the scale, sometimes I wonder why – this time – the weight just kept going down. It was not this easy the last time I tried. Worried – I sought out the internet (a bad move – always go to your doctor…but we are in a pandemic and a hospital is the last place I want to be at) – and it all seem to point out to pre-diabetes or diabetes type 2.

And through further internet scouring, I came upon a book by Dr. Jason Fung – The Diabetes Code. This was perfect as I have yet to see an actual doctor and the advice put forth by the book was that diabetes can be reverse through intermittent fasting, good diet and exercise. And so, I have embarked on this mission – and maybe my conditions will be much better after.

I do not know if I am actually diabetic, but what bad can a better lifestyle do. At the end of the day, I will just come through with a better knowledge to living better.


16h Fast Between Weekdays
20h Fast Friday – Saturday
(84h / week)
Workout at least 40m/day
(280m / week)
Blood Test on 30 Sep’21


19 July 2021

Wrote Mission Entry
Mission Commence!

20 July 2021

19.2h Fast


An avid JRPG gamer hailing from Indonesia. He has taken an interest in the samurai mythos. Sometimes he reads and exercises too.

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