Why do people watch T*C documentaries [600 Po*nd Lif*] or the Sla*on Sisters’ [1000lbs S*sters]? Maybe it was to curb our self-esteem or maybe a source of motivation. I do watch it – in fact, I have it on right now as background noise mostly.

There were different reasons on how I started watching them. For example, I started watching the Sla*on Sisters after coming across a meme post on Instagram. However, watching [600 Po*nd Lif*] had a more deep-seated reason. It was a way for the low esteem I have and also a bit of motivation.

However, as I continue watching them – “No WAY I am letting myself be like them” turned into “Hey, I am still a LONG WAY from becoming like them – I can afford still to stay as I am”.

Whatever motivation I wanted to get from the show had somehow twisted into procrastination and a bit of superiority complex – that I feel a lot better myself at the point I am right now and that I am better than [the participants].

It became a point of inertia – instead of a push I wanted it to be.

Perhaps I should stay away from such shows. However, that mental “safety net” where I feel good about myself after watching someone worse off is too good to stay away from. Of course, I do learn things sometimes too – like how 80% of the time we are in denial and that everything is actually resolved as long as we get out of that denial cesspool.


An avid JRPG gamer hailing from Indonesia. He has taken an interest in the samurai mythos. Sometimes he reads and exercises too.

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