Social links are once again featured in P4G. It would seem that the new era of Persona games will likely be alike. Social links plays in between dungeon adventures and plays much alike to games of the Visual Novel genre where we earn points of affection from the NPC we intereact based on the choice of answers. By doing so, social links will affect the performance of those in the party members and also increase fusion exps when fusing personas of the arcana.

Pacing of the narratives is a bit out of touch for me. If one were to finish the story dungeon early or at one try, we would have the victim “resting” for months. I would rather crawl to the boss, and then be forced to battle the boss on a certain date and have the story paced much nicer.

P4G features a huge range of Personas to use – from many lores of the world.Though, unlike early Persona games (1 & 2) and just like P3, only the MC – the wild card, are able to use them. Making the MC very versatile – able to use everything with the right Personas. The Pokemon master in me wants to have them all but the system for Reapers to spawn as too much of a hassle. And also by that level – I believe I would be too overpowered for the storyline even on hard mode. End game Personas is there for – pretty much – the hidden boss (available at New game+), maybe one day I will engage in a new game+.

Replayability is there – but the story is so long, going through it all over again fresh after a playthrough is not recommended. I learnt that after playing through FE3H and P5R. Get to another game and come back to it again. Margaret is waiting for you to defeat her.

The dungeons plays like any traditional dungeon crawler, where the levels are in random and different. I find that the story dungeons are in reasonable length, so we do not get bored crawling for a long time.

Just like P3 – P4G adopted the press turn based system of SMT series. In fact, not many improvements were made from P4G predecessor. It plays the same as many of other games in the SMT series. However, the only gripe I had was the use of a lyrical battle theme. Sure, it is cool, but after fifty fights hearing the same words sang to me over and over just became annoying.

Being set in a TV world composed of human thoughts – anything goes in it. The cast fights tanks, giant robots, and even had a dungeon based on old generation RPG. Maybe that was why the Reapers spawn by opening treasure chests – we all do not want to think of death and would lock it somewhere in our hearts. Well played.


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  1. I played the very first Persona on the original PlayStation and never made it through the game. Some of the concepts and ideas were cool but the execution was very flawed. I never would have imagined after playing that first game that we would be where we are today with Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Strikers.

    Persona 4 was the game that got me to give the series another look. After 4, I tried Persona 3 but just couldn’t get into it. It had too much of a dark look and tone compared to Persona 4, which I really enjoyed. I loved Persona 5. If the developers continue the track Persona is on, I’m definitely sticking around. Persona 4 will always be special to me. At some point, I will get around to playing Golden. I have it on Steam but there have been other games taking up my time.

    I really enjoyed your post.

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    1. RONALD ROEN says:

      I could never finish Persona 3 too…not because of the theme, more to the battle. The party members are controlled by AI, and without a proper gambit system like FF12…the AI sometimes screws us over being that it is game over if the MC dies.

      Could try the P3 psp..though I want to beat FES for the whole story…one day lol


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