I remember making the decision to buy the PS Vita just for the expanded Persona 4 – the Persona 4 Golden. And now, it is available on PC. Not having the PS Vita TV – now, I can play on my glorious huge TV.

Persona 4 Golden expanded the original through the inclusion of an epilogue – the Hollow Forest, winter fun, extra scenes, various extra activities and a few QoL improvements. The PC version is just a port of the Vita version.

Having played the Vita port – I decided to just go through 1 playthrough for this version. The game is a long one – subjecting myself to multiple playthoughs will just be a burnout. And so, I played again this time – with the help of the max social link guide.

Compared to other entries of the Persona line, P4G is the most light-hearted. Set in a fictional town of Inaba, the cast is pretty much normal high school students caught up in a supernatural adventure. In between adventures, the cast lives as normal students doing relatable things as would we had done back then. It is the most relatable entry. The narrative raises real, not much talked about issues in the Asian culture such as ‘Gender dysphia’ and sexuality. It is a realtistic problem youths would have (and so are the other issues the cast faces). However, it is still done poorly especially in Kanji’s case.

Gameplay was fun – however much done at this point as it was already used often (if not all) in the SMT series and little was added to the system. New era Persona is pretty much visual novel with tradiotnal RPG instead of the other way around. Social link system takes up a lot of the total playtime – more than actually questing for the truth.

Replayability is there – but the story is so long, going through it all over again fresh after a playthrough is not recommended. Maybe one day I will get back to it and defeat Margaret.

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