[THE DIABETES CODE] is a book by Dr. Jason Fung – a Canadian Nephrologist and Therapeutic Fasting expert. The book reassures readers that Type 2 Diabetes is not a lifelong chronic and progressive disease – that this debilitating condition is reversible through proper diet and not medications. 

The book is a long read – filled with sciences, research, and testimonies. However, it all comes down to a simple one-line for readers that seek an answer to the diabetes code – “PUT LESS IN”. Yes, it was that simple and logical deduction.

It was nothing but a simple calculation – stop putting sugar into your body and you will triumph. The method the book offers is to engage in intermittent fasting (and of course, burning through exercises).

Other readers recommended reading Dr.Fung’s previous work before reading this book. And having enjoyed this work, I will, for sure, be reading [THE OBESITY CODE] next. Though, I may no longer be obese by the time I conclude incorporating the lessons of [THE DIABETES CODE] into my life.


An avid JRPG gamer hailing from Indonesia. He has taken an interest in the samurai mythos. Sometimes he reads and exercises too.

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