It has been 2 weeks since I have got the COVID-19 vaccination. And well, nothing has changed for me. I would either be at the office or at home. I would still be wearing my mask and disnfecting my hands after every touch of public properties. The first thing I would do once I reach home is still shower and spray.

Pretty much the same as the past year.

Did I needlessly inject myself with something useless? I was knocked out for 2 days after the vaccination. I would sleep way more than usual – my schedules got messed up. That week was weird.

I thought the silver-lining for me was that I contributed to breaking the chains of infection, but with the new variant sweeping up India (and has already entered our shores) – I wonder if I did that. In the end, I could still be infected with the old AND new variants.

I thought I could leave behind this hermit life – as much as I enjoy solitary life (being a 94% introvert and all…) 2 years will still drive someone crazy. But then again, it has been like that even before the pandemic. Back then, I was pretty much sure I am sort of a ‘Hikikomori’. Though, being this lonely during the pandemic showed me that I am not there yet I guess.


An avid JRPG gamer hailing from Indonesia. He has taken an interest in the samurai mythos. Sometimes he reads and exercises too.

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