The leg pain has been prevalent throughout my life. It was forgotten and a recent diagnosis had me realizing that the cause might have started way earlier. And so I decided to write up a history – as a reminder, a guide for a painfree living and also as hoping that it helps with any further medical visits.


As a child I would cry in frustration during long rides – my leg felt restless and uncomfortable. It would always be the same leg – that left leg. In frustration, I would beat my leg up. My parents would often act like any parent would do – soothe me with just enough pretense to ease the irritation. They would leave it alone, thinking that it was a just a child being a child throwing tantrum. It was nowhere their fault – it was hard to discern.


As I grow I learnt to control those random restless legs. I learnt to be less vocal about it. It was hidden. During high school, I participated in Taekwondo. In hindsight, it was a pretty poor choice of extra curricullar activity for my leg. However, it was hidden enough to the point I did not think much of it. Of course, I had injuried that damn left leg during one session. It was iced, rested and home treated. And from that point my left leg would buckle randomly, and I missed a step and tumbled down as I exited a bus.And no surprise, it was my left leg again that took the hit. This time I was taken to a traditional chinese doctor. I was given tea leaves to ‘cool down’ the inflammation and a funky smelling chinese herbal patch thing to wrap around the swelling for almost a month. I stopped attending Taekwondo and moved to the Library club.


It was that one morning – I woke up in incredible pain on my left ankle. It was so painful I could not move an inch. As I teared up, I thought of what had happened in the days before. Did I injure my leg? No. I could not think of anything that may have caused this. I called my friend for help and they took me to the hospital. Of course, I was given ice and told to go to the clinic instead. And so we went. The doctor took one look and just said that I have gout. No blood test. No scan. Here, voltaran tablets, gel and allopurinol. Go home, ice and rest. Since then, any other attacks, I would just ice, bear and rest.


As the years went by – I have accepted that yes I do have gout. I researched and studied – doing whatever I could. And as 2014 went, I have had only 1 attack, I thought I had overcome it and so I signed up for a fun run ‘Color Run’. It was only a joy run with coloured powder as we run. It was a run that bear no meaning other than entertainment but it was a milestone for me. However, on the morning of the run – as any story with a twist, I woke up in pain.I decided to put my shoes in the car as I journeyed to the venue. I limped throughout the race, my friends was way ahead of me. And after that day, I iced, and rested for a week.



The following years, I would just ice and rest. I bore it. I accepted that it was chronic, that a painless future is not within grasp. I gave up – I stopped exercising. However, avoiding the ‘bad’ food had become a habit turn avoidance – it stuck with me even after giving up. I would go to various specialists any time I was in pain and almost everytime I got a different diagnosis. I had ‘an injury that was left untreated’, “fatty liver”, “too fat for my bones”, “pre-diabetes”, “pseudo arthristis”, “nerve damage” and the one I hated most “stress”.


My father felt that Indonesia’s medical field was incompetent. I felt that too after getting differing diagnosis time after time. He decided to send me to Singapore as he believed that the medical field over there was superior than the one we have over here. And so I went there a for a month long trip. They had tested me also for psoriasis athristis as I had dry skin and surgery when the prior diagnosis was a miss. The surgeon advised me against having a surgery as it is a risk that did not need to be undertaken. I went home with not a much clearer view.


2019 – 2021

In 2019, something new had happened. The pain was now on my knees in addition to the ankle pain. It was unbearable. I could not even limp. I went to the doctor, despite knowing I would just have another different diagnosis. I just needed that relief from a painkilling shot. A shot I had tried avoiding for so long. I was told I had ACL damage now and given the shot. Lose weight, not heavy equipment exercises, no high impact exercises, guard up, ice and rest. A friend who was studying chiropractic in Perth advised me to seek one out. I put that on hold as I have given up with the doctors here. Until that the day I found one conveniently practicing just below my new apartment. And so I entered. A new diagnosis was made.



An avid JRPG gamer hailing from Indonesia. He has taken an interest in the samurai mythos. Sometimes he reads and exercises too.

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