Once upon a time, I played a game called “Xenosaga”. I was invested in it – the game was beautifully made, the battle system was engaging and evolving throughout the series, the characters are great and the story is engaging. I would definitely recommend a player to experience the game.

However, even if I had said that the story was great – for an arc. The series was canned, and the bulk of the story remained at a cliffhanger – inconclusive. The three games had only covered [Shion]’s arc and bits of the other characters narrative in the whole scheme. The ending concluded an arc, and the series narrative was left open.

Why did it end that way? By the second instalment, Xenosaga episode II was not selling well and so they decided to produce the third instalment to “end properly end things” which they did – only ending [Shion]’s arc, and leaving the rest inconclusive.

It was nice of them to do so. HOWEVER, ending a trilogy with “And so they continued to journey and…” felt like a slap [to me] after investing 100 hours playing the trilogy.

Xenosaga served as a lesson for me – I stayed away from games that has interconnected narratives between instalments such as [Kingdom Hearts], [Trails Series] and [FF7 Remake].


An avid JRPG gamer hailing from Indonesia. He has taken an interest in the samurai mythos. Sometimes he reads and exercises too.

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