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Lundy’s Lane Supermarket

It was a bright and sunny day. I entered a moderately busy supermarket. The usual scene. Without a plan, I entered. It was a boring day. I thought it was a good idea to stroll endlessly in a supermarket.

I walked into an aisle – picked up a bag of candy and then continued my day strolling around the supermarket. As I explore the supermarket, I picked up more and more items. And then, I was back at the candy aisle. There, another bag of candies caught my attention and so I switched with the earlier bag of candy I took. Then, I continued the goal-less stroll. And at every aisle, I began to switch every single item in my cart.

As if there was no concept of time, I continued the nightmarish cycle of confusion. I grew frantic and frustrated. I cursed myself for my indecisiveness to the point of tears. I began to hate myself. Still – I continued to grab and switch my items as tears of self-loathing rolled down. I could not stop.

The closing announcement broke me out of my trance-like state. Suddenly, a sense of rush began to overwhelm me. I had to hurry – the supermarket is closing soon. I joined a queue so long it had stretched into the aisles. And as I stood there, I had a felt a feeling that I have forgotten something. This feeling grew as I get close to the cashier. I left the queue – to grab something in the store. I had to rejoin the queue from all the way back. Again, the nightmarish cycle began.

After a few cycles, I had decided to control my urges to go back. I hold myself mentally that it physically shows. I pumped my fists and planted my feet. “No. No. No.” – were my thoughts. The lights began to turn off. As I advance the queue, the lights behind me turned off. The cashier came into view. I felt relieved that finally this nightmare will end.

Finally, I stood infront of the cashier. The cashier was wearing a company hat whose color matches their uniform. As a spotlight was left shining on the cashier, the shadow of the cap obsecured his eyes. And there, I saw a smile formed. The cashier greeted me and asked “Will that be all?”. “Yes!” – was what I wanted to say. Instead, I opened my mouth and uttered, in a deadpan tone – “No.” And then, the spotlight turned off.

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