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COVIDIARIES: Dear Governor…

Our lockdown has been extended to October 11. Well, it was expected. In fact, many businesses expected that there will be many more lockdowns until the new year. However, let us look into what has happened during the current lockdown. In summary – a lot of stupidity. Dear Governor…

Wearing Masks In Private Car

A man was caught not wearing his mask in his own car. He was charged with social work and fine. During his capture, he questioned the police and their ridiculous ruling. He asked why was that man allowed to smoke (with his mask down) in public – “As long as you keep a distance, it is fine.” Then so why are we here getting caught for not wearing a mask in our lonely, closed, air-conditioned car? The police had no come back – “It was the law implemented by the governor.”

A lady was caught pulling her mask down for a few seconds to catch her breath in her privately-owned car. She was pulled over to the makeshift stations where countless of other mask-law breakers, gets their sentence. She questioned where was the social distancing. Everyone was packed into small makeshift tents, and then asked to do social work punishment in groups. And again the ridiculousness of private car mask rule.

“Death Monuments”

And where did our money go into? Our governor decided to erect comical “death monuments” to deter and warn against the coronovirus pandemic. We literally have empty coffins all over the city.


Dear Governor,

I am all for the mask rule. If you think it is good for the country – If I have to abide to it, I will. It is but a simple rule of wearing a mask. I am no Karen who is very much against masks (Yes, that was a jab at the American narratives for anti-mask). However, the implementation has to be fine-tuned. Instead of packing mask-lawbreakers like sardines into makeshift tents – practice the social distancing you preach.

Do you not see the ludicourness of erecting empty coffins ALL OVER THE CITY? We were made laughingstock when you decided to pour air freshener into a polluted lake, and now this. Why not use that money to inform the people exactly what the new rules in regard to the lockdown. Print them on a billboard where the coffins are. Do that instead of catching people offguard with rules that was not communicated to us. People are already skeptical the police where we think that the “fine money” goes directly into the pockets of police and now makes up non-existent rules in a ruse to scam. And now it has gone viral because you waited to catch someone well-known (lady was a well-known barista who served coffee for the president). Too late now.

Take a note from a village leader – who made mask-lawbreakers dig graves for the victims of the pandemic. That was a move to drive into those lawbreakers the reality of the covid-19 pandemic. It is real – people are dying around us. A punishment and message, that we have to take the pandemic seriously.


Or..take the coffins down and force mask violators to lie down in that empty coffin. Make them contemplate and instill a sense of empathy towards the victims of their conscious action (of refusing to wear a mask) to protect others and understand that their refusal could cause someone else lying in that coffin that they are lying in…and actually dead.


You have many ideas. I am all for it. But building death monuments all over the city and the ill-communicated rules – that I am not content with. And I expect the virality of it, you are not content with. Fix it – Unless you enjoy the infamy and predicament.

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