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Is it over yet? Is it over yet? Like a kid on a road trip – wondering when the hellish ride will end.

Cases have been increasing since the ‘New Normal’ was implemented. People were still not wearing their masks or follow protocols. It has, instead, recorded more cases. And so Indonesia – as of today- entered a renewed wave of ‘lockdown’.

I guess it is still far from over.

And so here is to the new lockdown phase. 2 weeks – a short attempt at curbing the pandemic. People are actually sceptical that – anything will be accomplished in that short amount of time. However, if anything – is better than nothing.

In compliance to the call for lockdown, our company did a rapid test. Safe to say, we are safe. Though, there was a slight panic due to one faulty test kit revealing a hint of positive reaction to covid-19. We did a retest on a new kit and she is safe. No panic to be had.

How accurate are these rapid test kits? I was told it was not as reassuring as I had hoped for. However, sending an employee to do swab test will induce unnecessary fear and also the slight chance that we may actually be infected during a swab test – be it an environmental factor where a number of sick persons gather or a human error in handling equipments.

Nevertheless – seeing a relieved face after learning of their rapid test results, is better than the contant unknown. I did remind them these rapid test kit results are not a hundred-percent and that a favorable result does not mean that we are invincible. Stay safe guys and #maskon


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