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Not Good w/ Kids P2

Have I ever said I was awkward with children? I am very awkward with them.

There was an instance when a child was crying over a long wait for her promised sushi fest. Parents and grandparents tried to coax her into eating at another one of her favourite food. She cried and cried, wanted to stay and wait.

Everyone around her was trying to settle her down. I could not look at the kid. I do not know what I should do. Besides the people that should be calming her down was all around her – there was four of them too! “It was not my job” – I said to myself. If my annoyance were to surface, I would totally be in the wrong, better to stay out of it.

So I left for a bakery nearby that has a nice sofa to sit on. Grab myself a beverage, grab my phone and I waited for the verdict – to switch or not to switch restaurants. And the day went by – with the kid getting what she wants. Sushi fest.

But I certainly did not see the coming scenario to play out…

Whilst chatting with my father – the grandfather, I was reprimanded. I was branded an egoist for leaving the crying child with the people who supposedly be responsible for said child.

I told him that was unfair. She was not my child. What for is there for me to intervene. I could not careless what we eat. I could not discipline her. And there was no need for me to stand around either. I saw a nice bakery, I sat and wait.

Well, that was a nice chat. And after that, I dare not play around my niece anymore. Well, now I walk around eggshells around the kid. Because I did not want to be wronged. I would not know what to do if she cried, and she is a bit of a crybaby.

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