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Not Good w/ Kids P1

Children can be a bundle of joy and a bundle of chaos. The though of having children mostly scares me.

It was a confined Saturday afternoon. I was just hanging out in a friend’s home. We had talks, laughs and just laze about on the sofa. Then things starts happening in other side of room – I was unprepared for what comes after.

The elder daughter ‘She-Child’ walks in to tell her mother, that she lost her homework and could not find it. “I do not care – find it or redo it.” She-Child starts to mumble and make all sorts of excuse and to idle about with us in the room. Mom then ‘shoos’ her out and for she-Child to take responsiblity. Visibly annoyed, she-Child went out and continue her search for the missing notebook.

Not a moment too soon, young son ‘He-Child’ pries open the door and started being all dramatic. “If mommy does not change, I will change. I hate this family.” Teary-eyed, he cries. The situation got awkward. Oh what am I going to do – a guest in this room when all this drama is about to unfold. After a series of uncomfortable exchanges between mother and child, she stood up and ushers the child out.

We were stunned, sitting around not knowing what to do. We were a group of childless, unmarried humans what was the appropriate thing to do in this situation.

Apparently, Mother lose track of ‘He-Child’ when she went upstairs into her room. ‘He-Child’ again, walks into the room. He began to motion us into turning on the TV. He proceeded to teach me how to operate the remote control. I wanted to let him get what he wants when I was told that his punishment was ‘No TV for the day’. I can’t. It was so hard for me to say ‘No’ to a child, especially if it is not my own child.

I did not want to make him cry. I did not want to be the person to enforce the punishment. I could not ignore him. I did not want to prolong the drama. I do not know what to do. I pleaded with my eyes to the friends watching. And luckily, one took over and became the ‘bad Auntie’.

‘He-Child’s attention was no longer on me. He began to buzz around with irate questions for bad Auntie. Questions like “Why are you mean? Why do you hate children?” was thrown out of ‘He-Child’s mouth to her. He was ignored. He began to jump on his mini trampouline while endlessly repeating those questions. We ignored him.

But I could not stand it – I asked where mommy was. His respond – in hindsight – was funny as heck. “She is on the toilet – she is taking so long because I forgot how fat she was.”

I was unprepared for that respond. I had to hold my chuckle in as not to encourage a son being rude to his mother. Then, mother walks in. “Ah” I relieved, finally – it is going to be over. Mother was made know what ‘he-child’ had said. He denies. She laughs, and once again ushers child out after teasing him a bit.

We breathed a sigh of relief – that we were overthinking it. There was no child drama to be had that day. We went about lazing around, doing all sorts of things like chatting and a bit of tarot reading.

All well that ends well.

Children can be a bundle of joy and a bundle of chaos. The though of having children mostly scares me. I could not look past the chaos unfolding on my friends and family who are parents. Maybe one day I would find someone who would convince me to see past that chaos and see that there is a joy to be had – like what those child-bearers often try to convince me of.

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