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couring through WordPress Reader for gaming posts, I stumbled upon many gamers doing the Have You Ever? Gaming Edition.

Scouring through WordPress Reader for gaming posts, I stumbled upon many gamers doing the Have You Ever? Gaming Edition. Through reading a few posts – it was Michelle [of A Geek Girl’s Guide] who created the prompt and started the string of posts – check out her responses and also the other partakers as well!

And here I am jumping on the ship as well. Here goes!~
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Have I Ever?

Rage Quit A Game

Yes, more than I’d like to admit. I am a rager when it comes to MMORPGs. Though – there was this particular PC game I hated very much. Read More…

Earned All Achievements In A Game

Nope. Never. I am an old-timer in gaming and now I mostly play or replay PS2 games. And the ‘Achievements’ do not exist in that era. Read More…

Pulled An All-Nighter Gaming

Often. Very often. I play games as an escape from reality. And well – the need to escape often comes at night. Read More…

Livestreamed Your Gaming

Nope. I like anonymity. Maybe one day?

Pre-ordered A Game

Yes. A few times – the biggest preorder purchase was Persona 5 Royal. I just had to get the Phantom Thieves edition. But the mask is kinda too small for me to wear it. Will head be smaller when I lose weight? Hope so.

Bought A Game and Never Played It

A lot. Actually, I currently have a shelf full of backlogs. I did play a few of the games on the shelf, but then I had sort of a rut on my gaming where I would start a game and not finish it. And a game I got intimidated by its difficulty, I just shelved it indefinitely…until one day… Read More…

Been Jumpscared By A Horror Game

Hate horror. Pretty much traumatized of it. What caused the phobia and aversion? This may be off the tangent but… Read More…

Had A Set Squad For a Specific Game

Yes I did! A few set squads actually. It was back in my MMORPG heyday and living in a dorm that led to a regular housemate MMORPG team. Read More…

Bought a Game on Multiple Platforms

And Yes I did for this too. I loved this game so much, though I hated the new company that took over the series for trying to move the series unto a new path. Read More…

Got a Console for the Games Specifically

Yes I did! And a few times. But now that a ‘remaster’ of past games is a thing, maybe I should hold off and pray one day a remaster will pop on a console I happen to have. Read More…

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