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POKEMON: Can I catch ’em All?

"Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all!" One of my gamer goal is to be the Pokemon Master and catch 'em all.Is it possible though?

“Pokemon! Gotta catch ’em all!”
One of my gamer goal is to be the Pokemon Master and catch ’em all.Is it possible though?

…Which never happened (btw). The only game I did complete my pokedex was the GBA era of Pokemon Ruby. And that was only the regional dex.

However, the developments of Pokemon has further dampened my spirits towards this lofty gaming goal of mine.

Number One – Mythical Pokemons

The release of mythical pokemons through real life events. These events are usually centered around Pokemon Centres, certain entertainment brands and movie releases. They are geogrphically inaccessible for someone like me as these events were not likely or definitely be brought to where I am. The only way was for me to go these mythical Pokemons is to go over where the events are – essentially making the Pokemon be blocked by a huge paywall – the cost of of an international holiday trip. THAT is expensive. And even paying the money for the travel does not even guarantee that I obtain Pokemon.

Number Two – Trading

Of course we could trade. In fact, the game is centered around trading for the full Pokedex. Trading is online and is accessible anywhere. However, being locked out of these events, I will never have any desirable collateral for those event pokemons. 

Number Three – Authenticity

There are also hacked Pokemon rampant online. They are unable to be stored in the cloud – or so I heard. And therefore, making them unable to become a prized collection in my snazzy Pokemon Home. Even if I – somehow – got the desired collateral for a mythic Pokemon, I could start a chain of intelligent trading to start filling the mythical dex. However, it could be broken if we obtain a hacked, untransferable Pokemon.

Number Four – DLC and Nintendo

Pokemon Direct disappointed me so much. It was bad enough that old Pokemons are not all available in the game…and now we know – it was locked behind a DLC content. And even then, not all of them were released, therefore foreshadowing that there are more DLCs to come. Mew is locked in a physical pokeball that costs $50. Nintendo decides to charge us monthly for online features like trading (in-game), the cost of Pokemon Home premium to store your collection. A $25 DLC to obtain new Pokemon (5 new Pokemon to be exact). It is not the amount of money it costs – it is the feeling of gut punch for an aspiring Pokemon Master.

…So – seeing where the Pokemon series is heading, maybe I should abandon this goal of mine. It has simply become impossible to be one, from where I am playing from and the ever-mounting costs needed to be one.

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