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We have finally moved on to a ‘New Normal’,
businesses have started to reopen,
activities have started to resume,
We’d have to check in and out when entering shopping arcades,
Masks to be worn as part of our daily ensemble,
Proper hygiene standards have been reinforced all over,
Office hours have been reshuffled to lessen the amount of workforce in a place at a certain time,
– a ‘New Normal’

Many were against the ‘New Normal’ – calling it an act of human rights oppression.

Certain supporters of an ‘infamous world leader’ even argued that it is an act against God. Again, what is so hard to wear a mask? I do not think God needs to see your mouth. Isn’t He almighty? He knows what your mouth looks like and the shit that comes out of it.

Against checking in and out when doing your groceries? What, you doing something shifty? God wouldn’t like that. Besides your “valuable” data would of been recorded the moment you use your cards at the cashier. But who cares what crappy things you buy at Target – No. One.

What, your precious face would have been recorded on CCTVs? Wouldn’t that be all the more excuse to don a mask? And FYI, CCTVs exists before even the pandemic started – years before. You have already been recorded – even as you make that arguments on TV.

Though, the only downside of wearing masks would of been that it would be a harder to identify a person of interest in a crime. The annominality is also a crutch – would a transparent mask be the mandatory? I think it shoud be.

LEAF Masks

I, for one – is fine with the ‘New Normal’ as long as we are safe. And here is to hoping that someday, it would be over. So I hope everyone plays a part in this ‘New Normal’ – for the future.

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