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"Yeah I am going to save you by making you listen to my heart through song!" * proceeds to sing cheesy pop song*

SMT and FE! Yes Please!

Tokyo Mirage #FE (TMFE) is the love child of the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem. The game features similar style of Persona games of-late and characters of Fire Emblem.

TMFE features the lore of the very first game in the fire Emblem series, with a twist of Persona touches like the artwork,story concepts, mechanics and aesthetics – diving into the human psyche with style.The story follows a group of idols in virtual modern-day Tokyo – whose very powers, the Performa, is the energy to perform and pursue their dreams. It comes from their experiences and growth in the entertainment industry. The enemy targets prominent players in the industry for their performa. So our heroes embark on rescue missions, and saved the world, through songs, dances and butt-kicking.

“Yeah I am going to save you by making you listen to my heart through song!” * proceeds to sing cheesy pop song*

Their hub is a talent agency- the Fortuna. We can develop these growths by going into side stories – which for some characters are just asinine. Yeah, I disliked Mamorin’s and absolutely hated the whole Barry line.

Yeah, I would not be able to relate to the struggles and lives on an idol – which the game centers on. And through the game,I get it. I understand but really microwaving show? Really? How am I suppose to feel anything from something that ridiculous. And no, sticking something into the microwave is NOT a cooking show – it is just advertisement for microwavable goods.

The style of TMFE is ‘stylish’. Outlandish costumes, accompanied by JPOP. Very Japanese.

Battles are very eye-catching, and finally a game where all party members are somewhat involved and not just sitting on the sidelines. The game kicks in seconds of outlandish special attacks. Even though it is in theme with premise of the game – singing  JPOP in a sudden encore session… Yeah I have heard Kiria’s ‘Labyrinth’ way too many times.

Also, I really liked Kiria’s ‘Reincarnation song – concept clip of her pre-release of the game had her singing in her panties (Yes, it has a zip in front), in a black dominatrix set, now they gave her pants. Censorship changes had became the game’s most prominent discussion in the net.

Their stage costumes were too revealing though I would like to argue that Tsubasa’s white dress did not need it. In fact, it has now become a skin tight white suit, which makes it even more fetish-kinky(?) more so than her original, normal, bare neck and shoulders wedding dress.

The battle system is overly simple, as in previous SMT games, find the weakness, and you are golden. This is evident in the final boss fight, where you just stick a person fire-immune Touma, and healing tank Mamori – and you are golden.  Touma kicks butts as the boss is weak to lance and Touma is immune to most of the attacks. Mamori shields against those attacks and also incredibly resistant to physicals, and being able to heal when needed. Itsuki just spams his 1 cost special to make boss weak to sword attacks…and just spam away with occasional healing. The fight lacked strategy and just becomes an endurance battle.Granted this was done on Normal difficulty and I might have over grind. But still, it was too easy.

Oh, and where is my full party production? The Fire Emblem song got me excited…it was cheesy but still wonderfully exciting. But they only had half of the prominent party members sing and the rest just do weird things with their hands for a second.. The Opera of Light sure has the worst line distribution for a pop idol group ever. And the final MV should be grandest, 1 minute is just an anime OP.

All in all, TMFE is great spinoff to these games. And to those arguing that TMFE has commited character murder – no it did not. These characters will never make any appearances in the main game and TMFE’s only borrowed the lore of Fire Emblem, any character in the respective game will not have anything to do with TMFE. It.Is.A.Spinoff.

I really did wanted to get a Wii U just for this game. My procrastination was long enough until the announcement of a Switch port. Guess it was one of those moments where thinking too much became the wise. But even if I had bought/rent the wiiU just for this game, I would say it was worth it. Now, I want an encore!

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