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RAIN: The Solution to Self-Mastery

As I venture into the depths of YouTube, I came across a TEDxTalk video of Master Shi Heng Yi.

As I venture into the depths of YouTube, I came across a TEDxTalk video of Master Shi Heng Yi.

I was one who was almost never interested to watch a TEDxTalk video as it felt like as if I was back in college, listening to an online lecture.

Today, I stumbled into a TEDxTalk video titled “5 hindrances to self-mastery”. The title attracted me to click on as I was fumbling around, being no-good at anything and does not have the control to invest on one thing before jumping into another thing. And most of the time, I let my emotions get out of control. In otherwords – I felt that I lack ‘self-mastery’.

The first view was purely listening to the video, and down to the last few minute of the video I thought that it was a good lesson to learn and so I watched it for the second time – with intent to take notes. 


5 Hindrances to Self-Mastery

  • Sensual Desire – Am I obsessed?
  • Ill Will – Is there negative emotions that might lead to aversion? 
  • Dullness – Am I becoming unmotivated?
  • Restlessness – Is there difficulty to focus the mind? 
  • Doubt – “What Ifs”?


  • Recognise what you are experiencing
  • Accept what you are experiencing
  • Investigate why you are experiencing 
  • Non-identify with what you are experiencing

All of our lives are too unique to copy the path of someone else. To bring meaning to your life, to bring value into your life – you need to learn to master yourselves and don’t let the hindrances stop you. If any of you chooses to climb that path to clarity – I will be very happy to meet you at the peak.

Master Shi Heng Yi for closing monologue of TEDxTalk

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