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COVIDIARIES – Make-Believe Boredom

“Hey – You are such a homebody, I am sure social distancing and even a lockdown is nothing to you. It is your everyday afterall.”
Was that a compliment, or a snarky remark? I could not tell.

Yes, I am a massive homebody.

I tend to stay at home during my weekends – “why would I drive for 1 or 2 hours to go to shopping complex that sells pretty much the same thing that is only 20 minutes drive away.” Or having to drive to a ‘Car Free Day’or a park  to join the public exercise but the need to fight for parking and of course – the headache of a drive in massive traffic jams.

But I have digressed – of course, my Jakarta city life will be another subject to write about next time. Back to the topic – Yes, I am a massive homebody.

For the first few weeks, it was sort-of a pleasant time to go through.

Persona 5 Royal was just released – and I got to spend 154 hours on it without interuption.

I got to starting this blog again.

And then, time went by. I am starting to get bored more often. It was not that I lack of things to do – it is just is.

I finished a game.
I started a new game.
I would think of replaying old games and write about it.
I started to read/reread my books.
I would plan for my fitness and wellbeing.
I want to start a journal.
I would think of things to write about.
– I have a lot of things I could be doing.

But I am not, I just spent time thinking I am ‘bored’.

It was like the “I have lot of clothes in the closet and have nothing to wear”-kind of moment. I wonder now – will I ever get back to the things I wanted to do or just continue to wallow in this make-believe boredom.

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