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As we have known, the pandemic started from Wuhan, where the disease was spread through the consumption of affected bats. And thus, the USA governing bodies chose to call it the “Chinese Virus”. Naming the disease by the people, place, and animals was discouraged by the WHO to curb xenophobia and yet, they have chosen to repeat and even defend the use of “Chinese Virus”. Henceforth, xenophobia started to speard globally against the Chinese.

Even after being called out, these bodies do subtly implied the Chinese race – like using the “Chinese” historical painting with bats as the cover picture for their disease Centers for Disease Control and Prevention journal cover – a very poor taste.

These racial slurs and name-calling was uncalled for and yet, it was thrown around to hurt the community as a whole.Which some even go as far to turn into physical altercation. And businesses who has a hint of ‘Asian’-ness too have been targeted.

I would have thought that these actions would come from the less…aware. However, Lululemon – a globally well-known clothing brand decided that this obviously racist shirt was going to be a hit and appropiate with what is going around.

The most disgusting act I could think of was the incident where an Asian grandmother was kicked – literally – in the face. That is disgusting. Very. I cannot comprehend.

What I DO know that this is not caused by the virus. It has always been there. Humanity has always been dark and disappointing. This only came to light because of words that are carelessly uttered by the irresponsible.

Maybe these are all happening in countries ocean away from where I am at – however xenophobia is very hard to stop. It has started to incite in my country right now. Jakarta think-tanks are warning the Chinese-Indonesian population to be on guard against anti-Chinese terrorism, the government was seen being weakened by the Chinese and therefore the whole race is responsible.

What is going now…the pandemic..the xenophobia is just sad. To think I would have to go through another racial discord (another story for another time) in my lifetime is just sad. 99.8% of people currently suffering due to xenophobia had nothing to do with the outbreak of COVID-19 – why must we suffer just because of a poor choice of words? 

I have no more words but to hope that the pandemic can go by in peace and harmony. And therefore close I with this sad letter by a 7 year old seeking to end the hatred – a peaceful resolution and an innocent friendship with her classmates. Really – what we all want.

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