Gamer Motivation Profile

Having recently taken the 'Gamer Motivation Profile' from Quantic Foundry. Lets delve into it!

Having recently taken the ‘Gamer Motivation Profile‘ from Quantic Foundry.
Lets delve into it!

According to the survey- I am a calm, analytical, independent and practical gamer. And I agree. Even though these results might change over time as I explore newer games or even genre – I found that the results are true to my actual personality.

Quantic Foundry have also provided a game recommendation based on the results – however I find that 8/10 of the recommendations does not interest me – at all. The 2 games that I have considered to play after viewing the recommendations were the XCOM series. Though in hindsight, maybe Quantic Foundry did not have a database for JRPGs – the genre that I am more likely to partake.

My introversion explains much of the results in this gamer profile. For instance, a glaring obvious – a score of 6% on the social aspects of gaming is explained much by my aversion to be put into a social setting. Or that the immersion is the highest scoring as I would very much prefer to watch and consume stories – an escape.

By the way- fact: I scored a 94% Introverted personality. But that is for another story to tell.


The Action Components – 18%

Gamers with high Action scores are aggressive and like to jump in the fray and be surrounded by dramatic visuals and effects. Gamers with low Action scores prefer slower-paced games with calmer settings. 

The Action Components are further divided into 2 parts: Destruction and Excitement.

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The Social Components – 6%

Gamers with high Social scores enjoy interacting with other players, often regardless of whether they are collaborating or competing with them. Gamers with low Social scores prefer solo gaming experiences where they can be independent.

The Social Components are futher divided into 2 parts: Competition and Community

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The Mastery Components – 25%

Gamers with high Mastery scores like challenging gaming experiences with strategic depth and complexity. Gamers with low Mastery scores enjoy being spontaneous in games and prefer games that are accessible and forgiving when mistakes are made. 

The Mastery Components are futher divided into 2 parts: Challenge and Strategy

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The Achievement Components – 36%

Gamers with high Achievement scores are driven to accrue power, rare items, and collectibles, even if this means grinding for a while. Gamers with low Achievement scores have a relaxed attitude towards in-game achievements and don’t worry too much about their scores or progress in the game. 

The Achievement Components are futher divided into 2 parts: Completion and Power.

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The Creativity Components – 30%

Gamers with high Creativity scores are constantly experimenting with their game worlds and tailoring them with their own designs and customizations. Gamers with low Creativity scores are more practical in their gaming style and accept their game worlds as they are.

The Creativity Components are futher divided into 2 parts: Discovery and Design.

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The Immersion Components – 55%

Gamers with high Immersion scores want games with interesting narratives, characters, and settings so they can be deeply immersed in the alternate worlds created by games. Gamers with low Immersion scores are more grounded in the gameplay mechanics and care less about the narrative experiences that games offer. 

The Immersion Components are futher divided into 2 parts: Fantasy and Story.

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