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COVIDIARIES: Unlistening Masses

Note: Taken from a journal entry written in the past

On the last post I said that the call to #stayathome is on till the 5th of April. It got extended – which was not a surpise. At that point I felt that 2 weeks of a partial lockdown was not going to be enough.

Even at this point of a partial lockdown, we still have crowded trains where people commute back home to their villages thinking the lockdown was a “holiday”.

BBC Indonesia

Or we have people still dining outside in food stalls. Even though we feel bad that their business will be in turmoil (as do other businesses are right now), the rules have to be enforced. Kudos for the police for enforcing these laws – taking their dine-in chairs and tables is the best action in my books – they still can do business but no dining-in! Guys, come on~

And what is worse – Anarchist groups are threatening to create chaos whilst the country is in a partial lockdown. Why? – Just. Why? Dont we all have enough on our plates as it is – right now?

They have vandalised the walls of businesses in Tangerang with hateful slogans like “Kill the Rich”. 5 suspects have been caught so far – and with  threat too, saying that not only they are not only in Tangerang but there are more of them in other cities all over the country planning to do the same.


So now – how is another 2 weeks be enough for this country? Truthfully, I am very skeptical that even a year would be enough.

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