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COVIDIARIES: When it hits Home

Note: Taken from a journal entry written in the past

April 1st of 2020,

The call to #stayathome was largely met by the city of Jakarta.
Travel restrictions are placed.
Offices close early or even totally shutdown.
Malls closes entirely.
Chaos on cities under sudden lockdown.
News overrun with Corona headlines.
Media reports rising deaths everywhere – everyday.
Parents learning all sorts of tricks from dubious WhatsApp texts.
Me, just agreeing with whatever it is (often times with an eyeroll) to appease them.

And Instagram filled with bored friends and the injustices faced by the Chinese or even any Asian community outside China.
…Please, we can go through this peacefully.
The disease does not discrimniate so why should we? – Xenophobia is uncalled for – ever – in any situation.

For Jakarta, the call to social distance lasts until April 5th. The two weeks felt like an eternity – will the two weeks be enough? Will life be back to normal again?
With work going slow, there is nothing to #workfromhome

Here I am at home, digging out for books to read and progress my gaming backlog.

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