『Finding Moments』

So, as my “first” post on this blog, I wrote that I was reading Storyworthy.
For implementation, I have decided to start on the “Homework for Life”. And well, wow, my life is boring AF.

Everyday is just like every typical day. I wake up in the morning, go to work, go to gym, home and sleep. As I sat down for my nightly reflection…well, I just sat there. I have got nothing to write about today. Everything was typical. Everything was “Okay”.

In the end, the entry ended up being a brain log – where I wrote whatever thoughts and questions I have throughout the day. It was moments – in my head. Did no happen, but certainly thought of it.

One of those brain log – “This weekend, sit down at a Starbucks before gym, get my caffeine in, and my memories out – I am going to do the Crash ‘N Burn session (also from “Storyworthy”).

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