Glen Donnelly

“The Man Who Skydived Naked”

Glen Donnelly is “the man who went skydiving naked” – though this might sound just like an action done out sheer audacity, Glen did it with a cause in mind (and for his birthday).

When talking about body image issues – women would be the forefront subject. And there are many female celebrities advocating this issue. Not so much from male celebrities. Body image issues among men are hardly discussed or champion-ed. Glen did just that – He champion-ed an issue that was never discussed. And by skydiving naked, he hoped to create an awareness.

Sadly, it did not reach the goals he had in mind. He failed to achieve the targeted amount of donation. and despite the worldwide publicity, people are still not talking about the cause and instead, Glen’s “flying bits” were generating more interest from his “Today” interview. It was disappointing. And kudos to Glen for sticking it out despite being treated not seriously by the media.

He is a hero for creating awareness to his cause, no matter how small it was. He created a rift in the stigma where men are suffering in silence – because body image issues are a “woman-thing”.

“It’s okay to feel fear. It’s okay to feel shame. It’s okay to feel anxiety. The first step is just to accept it, then you can heal it.”

Glen Donnelly said in a video.

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