Parangtritis Beach, Yogyakarta [Yogyakarta, Indonesia]

Pameran Lukisan senandung ibu pertiwi 4
Lukisan Basuki Abdullah, Nyai Roro Kidul.

As all southern coast of Java, Parangtritis is famously linked to the legends of Nyai Roro Kidul, the goddess and queen of the southern seas. In fact, the name of the resort is an obvious homage to the goddess. There is a local belief that wearing green garments would anger the goddess and misfortune will befall on the wearer, and so I avoided packing anything green lest I incur the wrath of a goddess.



For this trip, our choice of stay was at the Queen of the South Resort. The resort is located right at the Parangtritis Beach.

The resort offers small houses to use as rooms. Actually, there are expansion projects where wooden cottages are being built to accommodate more guests. The houses offers the standard rooms you find in a hotel.

2018-09-09 14.40.35 is “instagram-able” but…

I would avoid booking the VIP suite. It is all nice and all, but fall short on luxurious. I booked my parents in the VIP suite and they found that the wooden ceiling to be rotten, and overall just feels that it has been a long time the place had any sort of maintenance, apart from the cleaning before guests comes in. They do however, have a private infinity pool to use, which was nice – very nice. With maintenance, it could be the choice romantic getaway stay for couples.

As it is a private beach section of the resort, it was beautiful and expansive where guests could enjoy activities without the crowd of people. 2018-09-09 16.50.19

We stayed on the beach till sunset, and off we go climbing up those blasted stairs. Out of breath, we made our way to the center of the resort where they have the dining space. The hotel provides dinner and a bar. Dinner was mediocre at best, but the crew the time of their lives nonetheless. They sang, danced and chatted the night away.

2018-09-09 16.44.46.jpeg

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