Puncak Becici, Yogyakarta [Yogyakarta, Indonesia]

After having breakfast at the famous Soto Kadipiro, we made our way to Puncak Becici.

2018-09-09 09.29.15 - Copy (2).jpegPuncak Becici is a scenic hill covered with pine trees. Locals used to climb to the peak to view the nearby town. The locals have also used to gather the saps of the pine trees to make turpentine. After years of gathering, the local site management – RPH Manungan decided to protect the hill. And henceforth, the site has become one of the many tourist, instead of a pine tree harvest site.

2018-09-09 09.32.55.jpegAs we enter the site, the map shows that tourists are able to rent a off-road bike/buggy to tour around the hill or you can hike on-foot to the peak.




The site have also undergone renovation. The once nature sanctum was invaded with human infrastructures such as: shops and stands, hammocks, camping grounds, swings…

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2018-09-09 09.46.12.jpeg
It would be a nice place to unwind. Just relaxing with a breeze blowing through the pine trees. Sunlight peeking through the towering pine trees….

But that was just my imagination.

As the sea of human crowd shattered that beautiful silence, my imagination too..have diminished.

2018-09-09 10.36.09.jpeg
It was no wonder that the camping grounds were empty

– It was impossible to relax amidst the crowd.

2018-09-09 10.20.06The crowd was mostly your average tourist and so – the peak is the road less traveled. It was not a hard climb, in fact, it is a well-made pathway. The crowd centered on the lower areas with the hammocks and shops. It is a wonder why not many climbed to the peak. And so I made my way up.

2018-09-09 10.26.21.jpeg

And at the peak, you can see the nearby town. It was not a magnificent view of the town but still, the feeling of being above the town, and the refreshing wind blowing on your face – It is a feeling of exhilaration all the same.

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