Soto Kadipiro, Yogyakarta [Yogyakarta, Indonesia]

2018-09-09 04.40.02We departed from Gambir station of Jakarta and arrived at Yogyakarta at 0438. It was an 8 hour train ride. Sleepy-eyed, we waited for our bus. The bus was late – VERY LATE. Due to miscommunication, the bus was scheduled to arrive at 0700. And so we waited…

The train station was empty, with sudden crowds dispersing from trains that just arrived and it is all quiet again. Food stalls have just started to open, there was no food to be consumed. Empty stomach, sleepy and tired, we continued resting at the seats, next to the railway.

And finally, our long awaited bus have arrived. Our first destination was to fill our empty bellies. What is the best solution to our belly predicament?

The popular ‘Soto Kadipiro’ – the legendary food that every tourist that set foot in Yogyakarta should not miss. It was established at 1921, a popular family-run restaurant, it grew to 4 branches along Jalan Wates. Each branch is run by a family member, headed by Bapak(Mr.) Karto Wijoyo, where his secret recipe spearheaded the popular local dish. What makes ‘Soto Kadipiro’ different from the Indonesian dish ‘Soto”?

‘Soto Kadipiro’ includes the usual ingredients, added local ingredients, and blended together with the secrets of Bapak Karto Wijoyo.

‘Soto Kadipiro’ also maintained its traditional atmosphere by serving beverages in glass bottles. The shop also displays traditional Javanese ornaments, making it a treasure for the local tourism.

Our crew has nothing but positive notes on our legendary breakfast. Our tummies filled – we boarded the bus and make our way to our next destination: Puncak Becici.

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