Goodbye My Friend

You were my first pet dog,
You were my first friend when I got back to Jakarta,
And today,
You became my first friend to have left me…

Growing up in a foreign country – the year 2009 was my first time living in Jakarta for a long term. I was worried that I would not be able to make friends. I was scared that I would not get along with my parents. With crappy, I was nervous. Although I expected that I would be lonely – I did not expect that you would come into my life. You were my first pet dog. You became my first friend here.

I remember the days that I struggle with living with my family for the first time. I felt caged, unfamiliar and unsettled. Most days I would long for the day where I would depart for college – to Melbourne.

You were taken away from me when I left for Melbourne.
You were given away when I was in Melbourne.
Sometimes, I wished that I have taken you back home…
Sometimes, I wished I could have taken care of you…
But, I could not subject you to another long journey,
But, I could not bear to take you away from the people who loves you.

But I am glad for you to have found a loving family that takes very good care of you until today.


I reminisce the moments when you would snuggle beside me, listening as I pour my heart out – my feelings, my crush, my struggle.

I reminisce the time when you peed all over my homework and I finally got the opportunity to use the excuse that “my dog peed on my homework.”

I reminisce the day when you licked my tears off my face after bouts with my dad, and when I felt lonely, I would lift you up and you would stare at me with those eyes – eyes that somehow felt reassuring.

I reminisce the bedtimes where I would always feel something warm and nice beside me.

And now – with a heavy heart, I say to you, Dogi…

Goodbye my friend. Rest in Peace.

One Comment on “Goodbye My Friend

  1. I can relate with what you are trying to express. We lost our pet sometime back. Do visit my website and express your view.

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