RonRoen – “런런”

I am the “Bromidic Introvert”.
No. Actually, I am Ronald “Roen” – RonRoen for short.

Why do I call myself “RonRoen” instead of my real name?
My real last name is difficult for the English world.
It is simple really – but I grew up having 80% of the people I know mispronouncing it.

And I needed a name during my year stay in Korea. Changing my name to letters of Hangul was awkward sounding and just invites a more mangled, mouthful mispronunciation if it.

While contemplating on a name, I heard the news that my college math teacher passed away.
He would call me “Won Won” to tease me (which eventually the whole class did too)- after the scene where Lavender Brown called Ronald Weasley her “Won Won”.

Of course, I could call myself ” Won Won” – but that is too much isn’t it.

So I decided to be “Ron Roen” – 런런.

– A short history of a nickname I picked.

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