Disgaea 5 Complete [SWITCH]

The 5th entry to the Disgaea title! How many hours this time?!?

Disgaea complete is the remaster of its PS4 version. The version has included all of its DLC without paying extra. However, if you had played the PS4 version, getting the ‘Complete’ version would just meant you paid extra on portability and all of the DLCs.



Back then, Disgaea titles would always have a home console version and portable version. When Disgaea 5 was released, the game was said to be unable to be ported to the VITA due its increased graphics and length. And alas, when the SWITCH was released, Disgaea 5 now becomes portable. I have always preferred Disgaea to be a portable game due its grind-y nature postgame. And Disgaea is all about its’ postgame! Create outrageously strong characters! Dive into the item world and grind that sword! Defeat the ridiculously outrageously super secret boss!

The story is as basic as it gets. The usual trope of main character having super crazy powers only to be sealed due to some reason. In fact, I believe Disgaea has made all of its main characters this way. Even though the story is nothing to write home about, I was disappointed as [SPOILER] Killia and Valvatorez is very similar in character development whereby both had their real power ‘sealed’ due to a woman only to be released when their vindicated from their girl troubles. It does seem to be in part lazy writing as it was used consecutively between the fourth and fifth title. But as I have said, Disgaea is all about the postgame.

The game is a Japanese strategy RPG game where you control your characters on a square grid. You move your characters when it is your turn and defeat enemies. However, Disgaea has always have complicated battle maps. I hated chapter 6 as the map is unnecessarily difficult to navigate without spinning the view round and round.

Grinding too early would make the story mode a cakewalk and they do facilitate the grinding aspect of the game during story. There was a difficulty spike on chapter 6 so a bit of grinding was necessary after chapter 5. But even if you do make yourselves strong before end game and wants a challenge in story mode, there is the cheat shop where you can mess the difficulty.

In every Disgaea game, I would create a character and named it after myself. And of course, postgame, he would be the catalyst to bring Baal down…of course, that have not happened yet. The hours it takes to grind and create the super powerful character was too much. I have other games to play. Other stories to read. (And of course, a job to do). And my experiences on playing previous Disgaea titles was on a home console, therefore further limiting my dream to beating Baal. Now that Disgaea is on a mobile platform, it opens up more opportunities to grind on the go. Disgaea 5 and my switch will definitely on my to pack list on business trips and I could play it on my downtime. Maybe this time I can beat Baal? I will definitely post it here when I do!

I definitely feel that Disgaea titles should just be on a mobile platform. What do you think? oh and have you ever beaten Baal (or its stronger versions whatever its name is)?




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