001 – Would You Rather…


Be a Movie Star.

When I was a child, I grew up watching Power Rangers. And I have dreamt to be one of the power rangers.

In fact, I am still watching power rangers to this day. The sentai versions though. Side rant – I felt that the American power rangers has too much culture misappropriation. Bandai decided to reboot the series by starting on the Samurai Rangers, which I thought was a poor choice. And now they are on the Ninja Steel Rangers. Both themes are more culturally fit for the Japanese sentais as these themes depicts what is more to Japanese culture.

This year I got the chance to meet my favorite ranger – Tommy Oliver! I have always thought that I am not the one to be starstruck but I was completely speechless when coming face-to-face with my childhood hero.

You can read here for my first ever comic con and my meeting with Jason!

So…which would you rather be? a rock star or a movie star? Or you can share your childhood dream!


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