When You Have A Disease

So, I have just come back from a series of doctor visits (which I would document in subsequent posts) but what gripes me after my return was that everyone around me seems to turn into an expert upon hearing that I am sick.

“Eat these, it will cure you for sure!”
“Do not eat that, it is not good for you.”
“Do not take the medicines the doctor gave you! Have these instead.”
…were a few of the many things these so-called experts say.

Well, sorry? Are you a doctor?
Did you study to be one?
Did you spend time studying said disease?
Do you have any qualifications or scientific backings to say such claims?
Do you suffer from the same disease?
Do you have personal experiences surrounding the disease?
Did you actually cure someone to total health?

No, No and No. So stop acting like idiots and stop acting as if you are experts. Yes, sometimes the medical industry has its questionable practices. You may not trust them, but really, all those home remedies or stuff you see online…do they actually fair better than a doctor’s recommendation?

So, stop reminding me that I am not what I am supposed to be – in good health. I ought to be – but I am not. Stop making me think that chose to be in this situation because I had no idea then. Stop going on and on, as if you are the know-it-all when you don’t. Stop saying things as if it wasn’t that bad when you do not understand how painful it can be.

Why don’t we sit down and have a nice talk about how lovely the weather is today.

(F*ck its hot!)


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