Digimon World: Next Order [PS4]


Welcome to the Digital World!

Digimon! I am a fan of monster collecting games, and out of the 2 well-known franchises..I definitely side with Digimon. The Digimon franchise have underwent many gameplay changes, changing from each game. But Digimon World: Next Order is definitely an ode to the very first Digimon World franchise. And I LOVE it!



The story is very simple. And smartly simple too. The writers have cleverly hidden the main villain till the last chapter (though for a very short of time too). The Digital World is threatened by a virus that causes the affected Digimon to leave and forget the city. And so a digimon-passionate youth was sucked into the Digital World and journeys to restore the Digital City. The virus has also turned a few of the inhabitants to turn berserk and threatening the livelihood of the Digital World’s inhabitants. Unknowing that the mask behind the virus was a power hungry maniac who lost his mind..for a very childish reason too! The ending dialogue was a painful exchanges of awkward forgive you-forgive me…It was painful to go through, definitely an ending I did not expect (in a bad way).

SPOILER: Ending Dialogue video (Credits to Primera Espada)

Another SPOILER: I think Mameo is the main character from the first Digimon World (1). His clothes(yellow clothes and black beanie…Sounds familiar?)…and his love for Mamemon, which was somewhat of the mascot back in Digimon World.

The story was a simple but the breeding definitely wasn’t!

The Digimon breeding was so complicated, I had to have pen and paper with me and also the magical mr.Google.

Certain stats, precise reborns, specific conditions, causes the Digimon to evolve(digivolve) into a specific Digimon. There were times when I wanted a certain Digimon, following the laid out plan from my paper and the website…and still it digivolves into a being I did not expect it to. And then realized that it was because I had not let it poop in the wilderness enough. Of course, at end game, we get to manipulate this process through a game function.

Battles start as you touch an enemy. A circle ring will materialize and your two -mons will freely move in that ring, crushing the enemy with the power of the bond between the tamer and the -mons. In actuality, most of the battle system involves mashing the X Button at the right time and then do a finishing move that wipes out almost all opponent…so it was easy. And sometimes even when you  have lost the fight, your partner will somehow fuse into one and become badass-mon and wipe the already weakened opponent. So…yeah, that was easy.

Of course, you need to plan before every excursion into the Digital World. Not enough food? Sickness awaits. Incompatible terrain? Sickness awaits. Haphazard pooping? Sickness awaits. Always carry a band-aid! or death comes a step closer for your -mons. But don’t worry, they get stronger than ever from each death.

Gotta keep them HAPPY 🙂

I could keep on playing this game, but the ending has somehow dampened my mood to further delve into post-game so I only spent 3 hours on post-game. Besides that…after a very food stuffing abuse, my -mons were obviously too overpowered where the final boss and a few of post-game recruitable -mons were easily beaten. That certainly took much from the replay value…for me.


Fans of the first Digimon World, will definitely love this. The battle gameplay is a certainly a development update from the that game.(and another Digimon Re:Digitize on 3DS). There also various odes to the first game, from the system sounds to the characters.

Score: 7/10



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